Minimum age for volunteering is 12 years with a parent present on the fair grounds. A picture ID of the volunteer is to be provided to the fair personnel.

We provide community service hours to teens working for college or school credits.

We appreciate every volunteer big or small for pitching in for our County Fair.

We need help in these following areas:

Parking– Minimum age is 16 unless working with a club or group. Last year 20,000 people attended our fair. So, parking attendants are very important for the safe entering and exiting of our fair. It is suggested that each attendant wear bright clothing for high visibility and comfortable shoes.

Food booth– We will have a kitchen on the grounds where we will serve our volunteers. A voucher will be given for 1 meal for every 4 hours they work. Water will be provided throughout the day, but you will have a choice of Soda for your meal.  Volunteers are needed for serving, cooking, and grounds keeping of the kitchen area including where people eat.

Grounds Keeping– one of the most important jobs we have. Keeping our fair grounds free of trash is the key to a very successful event. We depend on our grounds keepers to keep our area clean so that everyone can enjoy their experience with us at the fair.

Security– We need licensed person with experience in security. You must be registered with the State of Florida and have a license in order to volunteer for this position.

Photographers– anyone with the ability to take pictures and send them to us is very appreciated.


Agricultural– Set up, and break down of the livestock tent, Judges, and shift livestock monitors.

Beauty Pageant:The cost to enter the Pageant is $50 dollars, and the kids that enter prior to March 1st will be able to be on the Pageant committee. They will get credit for community service hours and do everything from designing the lay out of the stage, color schemes, and activities within the pageant. Each year our winners will be on the committee for the following year’s pageant.

Food Court Committee: Members will ensure that there is enough food to prepare for all of our volunteers and for the VIP Tent. They will ensure that each volunteer ha a voucher presented for a full meal which will be provided for each 4 hour shift.  Sundays they will ensure that we have a complimentary breakfast for every volunteer as well a each member of the mid-way.  We want to be the Fair that Cares.

There is a place for everyone to pitch in. We need people for Graphics, Advertising, Promotions, Gate Keepers (collecting tickets as people enter) Tellers, and Ambassadors.



Don’t see a position listed and you want to help, please make a suggestion.